Bungalows are very convenient for owners given that all the living area is on one floor and without stairs between the various living spaces. They are recommended for those with reduced mobility, for example the elderly or people in wheelchairs.

Single bungalows ensure more privacy than two-storey buildings. Strategically planted trees and hedges are usually sufficient to block off the view of the neighbours… With two-storey houses the extra height needs much taller trees to achieve the same goal and it is not practical to plant these kinds of trees near houses.

Our Mobile Homes on Wheels and Luxury Bungalows are designed and built in the company but assembled on site. This is the ideal solution for those who want to offer customers a high standard of living, health, design and thermal comfort with reduced maintenance and long product life.

We also have a wide range of materials, finishes and furnishing solutions to complete the structure to obtain a personalised, turnkey product delivered on-site.

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