A new construction system using CE compliant steel
Super fast assembly

This system combines all the advantages of traditional galvanised steel with materials from the manufacturing industry making it possible to reduce construction time, have complete flexibility in the choice of design and furnishings as well as very reasonable prices!!
Our general earthquake-proof structure is ready to be customised with secondary benefits, all thermal, phonic and fire resistant parameters and can be negotiated in accordance with a working method to suit all requirements laid down by the customer, who can rest assured that everything can be adapted technically as required

  • Customisable architecture
  • Buildings can have up to 6 floors
  • Load up to 8 linear metres

We apply our technical skills to your plans, calculate the downward load and adapt our profiles in accordance with the calculations published in CE standards for Class 4, at no extra cost. We start with your traditional designs and we adapt them!

  • Steel thickness between 1.2 and 2.8 mm
  • Profiles at intervals of 60 cm
  • Countersunk screws embedded in the profiles
  • Height of up to 6 floors

Prefabricated in steel, simple: from the project to the building.

The architectural project is developed in detail on the basis of technical specifications using exclusive cad-cam software.

Any changes can be made directly to the virtual model for all elements (walls, beams, columns and floors), that are part of the building which are then made by the integrated production system to be assembled quickly after.

The system puts no limits on creativity given that it integrates seamlessly with a variety of applications and materials.

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