Steel Houses

The light metal structure makes it possible to overcome the limits of traditional buildings: it is really easy to build very light floors, pavements, create “a room within a room” constructions on one or two levels, support industrial loads, entire buildings, high walls, cladding panels and external walls that are exposed to the wind.


Wooden Houses

Wood keeps the characteristics of a living organism even after it has been cut and gives off a pleasant and fresh fragrance while absorbing aromas at the same time. The extensive and porous surface of wood can absorb gas and harmful vapours. Air passing through wood is filtered and purified.


Industrial and Commercial Lots

Construction system using a light steel frame.
Its innovativeness is using the latest technology in every phase of building construction. Architectural projects are loaded onto the computer that sends the data to the production department. Machines cut and bend the profiles to the precise size in accordance with the dimensions indicated in the project.

Bungalows and Mobile Homes

Bungalows are very convenient for owners given that all the living area is on one floor and without stairs between the various living spaces. They are recommended for those with reduced mobility, for example the elderly or people in wheelchairs.


Traditional Buildings

ClimateHouse is a term developed to describe energy-saving constructions and dynamic living. If a building is classified as a ClimateHouse it is determined by its energy saving category rather than architectural style, which means that both wooden and traditional houses made of bricks can be classified as ClimateHouses.
A special calculation system is used to determine a building’s energy requirement.


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